Haiti 2016 Missions Trip

Post date: Oct 15, 2015 4:18:42 PM

Trip Dates: TRIP CANCELLED - February 6-14, 2016Destination: Mirebalais, Haiti (A rural community in the mountains, approx. 1 hour Northeast of Port-Au-Prince)Purpose: To build relationships with Pastor Lesly Bertrand of Grace Assembly and others in the community, to provide funds for and repair the Mission House and possibly build a roof on a mountain school. Trip Leader: Kim Ramsey, 218-396-0688 or luvbugs898@hotmail.com Church Info: Christian Fellowship Church, 28048 Meadow Dr., Detroit Lakes, MN 56501 ~ 218-847-3482

Team Member Requirements:

- Must be 16 years of age or older.

- $1600 Trip Fee (includes airfare, travel insurance, lodging, transportation and food) .

- Vaccinations (for your safety, this is not optional). Costs for vaccinations is not included in trip fee.

- Team Meetings and Ministry Prep. All team meetings and fundraisers are mandatory (one absence is the limit).

- Completion of Helping Without Hurting Study (through the class at CF or on your own – if you cannot attend class).

- Required Documents:

1.) U.S. Passport

2.) Mission Trip Application/Covenant Agreement (see link at bottom of this page)

3.) Waiver of Liability (see link at bottom of this page)

About Haiti:

About the size of Chicago, with approx. 1 million people Language spoken is French and Haitian Creole Currently the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere with 80% of the population living under the poverty line and 54% in abject poverty (a condition characterized by severe deprivation of basic human needs).

Trip Climate: Haiti is hot and humid, temperatures average from 70-105 degrees. We will be traveling during the “dry season”. We will travel in vehicles that are open to the air and stay in a building not equipped with air conditioning.

Accommodations/Safety: The team will stay in a Mission house in Mirebalais; we will be the only team there.

You will stay in a dormitory style room with others of the same gender and sleep in a bunk style twin bed. One bathroom will be shared among our entire group and the Haitians serving us. There may not be running water, showers may consist of a bucket of cold water. Security measures at the guest house include razor wire fencing, security guards and locked metal doors.

Dress Code: We will try our best to represent ourselves in a positive manner and not to offend the indigenous people by adhering to a dress code. *All shorts must be no shorter than 3 inches above the knee.

Men: Dress pants, shoes, and collared shirt in church. Shorts, T-shirts and sandals are acceptable for travel, work, and outreach. Sleeveless shirts are OK (no tank tops or muscle shirts).

Women: Skirt or dress in church, sandals are ok. Modest skirts, shorts, and capris are acceptable for work, travel and outreach. Modest T-shirts and sleeveless shirts are OK. (No narrow tank tops, spaghetti straps or low cut tops.)

Missions Trip Financial Policy

This Policy consists of three parts:

A.) Personal Fundraising

B.) Team Fundraising

C.) Refunds

A. Personal Fundraising

- Each Member of the team is expected to raise the determined amount of "funds for the trip" via personal contribution, letters of support, etc.

- Any additional personal funds raised (above and beyond the determined amount) remain in the missions fund and will go towards the unexpected team expenses.

Example: The cost of a particular trip is $1000.00. Through a letter writing campaign Bill raises $2000.00. The money raised is for a particular trip and is only refundable to the donor not to Bill, so the extra money is used for trip/team expenses.

- Deposit of 25% will be due upon sign up. Additional 25% is due when tickets are purchased. (Travel tickets may or may not be refundable.) Final and Complete Payment is due 7 days before departure.

B. Team Fundraising

- Team fundraiser monies will go towards team expenses. Some of these funds may be used to reduce cost of personal fundraising.

- Each team member is required to participate in any team fundraisers.

3. Refunds

- No refunds will be given to a team member. The only way money can be returned would be to the original donor, because it was donated to the church for mission project, this is an IRS regulation.

- If however a person raises money and for some reason cannot go on that mission trip, the money will be set aside in an account for that person towards the next possible trip. (Unless airfare has already been purchased, then the amount of money raised, minus airfare, will be place in an account for them.)

- If monies are reserved for a person and they decide to no longer attend Christian Fellowship, those monies will be transferred to the missions general fund.