Live Webcast Problems to be Fixed by This Sunday

Post date: Mar 20, 2011 8:11:18 PM

Mediaserve, our live video streaming provider, sent us the following message today:"We're sending this note to let you know we are aware of streaming problems occurring today. As you know, we have just recently migrated our services to a new data center, and we've narrowed this down to an issue with our committed bandwidth at the data center not matching what we're supposed to have. We are supposed to have a gigabit connection to the data center backbone. We normally peak at over 500 mbps during Sunday morning streaming, so our capacity is supposed to be about double our actual needs.

This morning we are only getting about 200 mbps throughput, which is wreaking havoc on streaming. Interestingly, when we installed initial testing servers in the new data center for testing prior to migration, we initially ordered 200 mbps for testing purposes, before upgrading to a gigabit, so it seems as though the upgrade was perhaps not done properly by the data center.

We apologize for this problem. We're working with the data center as this is being written, to get the situation resolved. Once a confirmed resolution is in place, we will send out another email, and we'll be extending your service to compensate for the problems experienced today and last Sunday."

This seems to explain the problems we've been having with our livecast the last couple of Sundays. Hopefully, these issues will be resolved by next weekend. Sorry for any inconvenience or disappointment during this period. Please spread the word that the livecast should be back on for next Sunday!