"The Story" Begins

Post date: Apr 9, 2010 7:00:07 PM

This Sunday we are going to start a series titled “The Story.” Now you might ask "whose story? What story? What is the story about?"

Well the truth is it is my story; it is your story—it is God's story. It is the story of the church locally, and the Church corporately.

When we look at this story, are we going to come to the "credits" at the end and say "is that it? Is that how this is really going to end?"

Or are we going to say “Man that was a great story, I want to see it again! I want to watch it over and over and I am going to recommend it to my friends! I want them to live the kind of story that they lived at C.F.!"

Join us this Sunday as we begin, by God’s grace, to write the rest of our story.